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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do free members earn commissions?
A) Yes they earn 10% Commissions! ONLY VIP Members earn 50% Commissions. (It pays to be a VIP!)

2) How come when i promote my link, its promoting in my back office where all my information is?
A) On the login page, you have "Remember Me" checked, so every time you click the link, it logs you right into the member's area. So you will see your members area but other people clicking on your link will see the main site.

3) SoloAdCenter referral links are all breaking Frames.
A) See the answer to question 2. Log out of your members area before you submit thru a frame break check.

4) How come when I click on my referral link, it comes up with someone else's information?

A) Member Affiliate Links use a 1-Day Cookie giving you the "first advertiser advantage." If you have a friend you want to guarantee signing up under you, ask them to clear their "cookies" in their browser first.

5) Someone told me that they clicked on my link to sign up, but are not showing with me as their referrer. Their info shows they signed up under someone else.

A) Going back to #4, if they clicked on someone else's ad before clicking your link, it's going to sign them up under the member with the active cookie.

6) I received an Admin Email notifying me that I have a new referral, but when I go to the Referral Tools Page, I don't see them listed.

A) They must click the Verification Link to complete the registration process. Until they do that, you will not see them in your Referral Tools area. Failure to click the Verification Link within 30 days will result in their account automatically being deleted from the system.

7) I tried to submit a banner ad, but it won't accept it. Why can't I add my banner?

A) For 468x60 Banner Ads, your banners must be exactly 468x60; Button Banners must be 125x125. If your Banner is 468x59, it will be rejected because it is not exact. This prevents members from putting all kinds of sized banners into the system where they don't belong. Easy fix, resize your banner to the exact size, save it, upload to your site, and then submit it.

8) I submitted a Banner Ad, Text Ad, Button Ad or Surf Site a few days ago and I have less than 10 clicks, why is that?

A) The is a Credit and Solo Ad Mailer/Safelist! While several ad options are available, your fastest results will always come from Credit Mails, Solo Ads, HP Solos, Super Solo Ads, and Sponsored Login Ads. Banner Ads, Button Ads, Text Ads, etc., should be considered as, "Long-Term" Advertising. If 1,000 members all have 10 Banner Ads in rotation each, that's 10,000 banners in rotation. It just might take a bit before your banner pulls up, but it will pull up once in the rotation.

9) Where do I add my Payza Email so I get paid?

A) Log into the Member's Area, hover your mouse over Member Tools >> My Profile. Click My Profile and scroll down to the Payza Email section, add it there and submit.

10) Yesterday I was surfing, and all of a sudden I was just kicked back to the member's area, and every time after that, when I clicked on the surf button to go back to surfing, it just kept kicking me back to the member's area. 

A) If you have clicked on every single surf page in the database, it will kick you back because there are no more sites left to surf at the moment.

11) I clicked an ad and the correct number, but I did not receive credits. Can you fix this?

A) While this is not the end all, be all fix for everything, most of the time the following works. First, delete/clear your browser's history, cache, and cookie. Close the browser when it finishes, and then restart your computer so you are starting 100% new and fresh; if you've done that and it's still not working, attempt the same action using a different browser (Firefox - Chrome or Chome - Firefox). If you're still having isuess, please submit a support ticket and please be as descriptive/detailed as possible so we may investigate the issue further.

12) Why can't I delete my banner ad?

Instead of deleting your banner ad (and potentially losing any unused credits assigned to it), simply click on the "Edit" button next to the banner and enter information for a different banner of something else you want to promote.

13) How come the number of Member's is different from the number of Members I can send a Credit Mail to? I think there's a glitch in the count!

A) When you submit a Credit Mail, you are submitting to "Active" Members. Members that still have NOT clicked on the Email Verification Link are not yet "Active" Members. The number you see on the home page is "Total Members," not "Active" Members.

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